The Next Step

Tomorrow, I go into the hospital for another cerebral angiogram. This is my fourth or fifth one of these. For the first two or three, I was knocked out and don’t remember anything. For this last one, I was awake, mostly, and remember the whole thing. The material provided and online says that these procedures are mostly painless. This is only somewhat true.

When the dye went into my head, I felt hot and flushed. I also felt a pounding pressure, like the beginning of an awful headache. As the dye exited, the headache/pressure pain felt went with it. Since there were about 20-4,000 images taken, with every image requiring contrast, you can imagine that saying this was “painless” is not quite true.  (I exaggerate, but there were quite a few doses of the contrast material).

After the CT angiogram, I’ll find out how the aneurysm is doing now that the stent has healed and then get scheduled for the clipping surgery. My next post will be about the clipping and what that means/will do.


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